A vision for the future. In today’s culture, technology is overproduced, and seldom is it new, original, and fresh. As an educator for almost 20 years, I’ve been passionate about leading students to be free thinkers; teaching them to learn for themselves, to dig deeper, trust themselves, and dream. Putting that ideology into professional development by equipping and inspiring teachers to do the same is high priority. Join me in this journey to get back to the basics. The grassroots of technology, a da Vinci approach, as we embark on creating a culture of true creativity, through OrganiTECH.

-David E. Platt


David is an educator, speaker, Professional Development innovator, and EdTech Evangelist in Southern California. He and his wife Steffani have been married for 16 blessed years. They and their two kids enjoy creating projects at home, snuggling with their dogs, watching historical documentaries and are extremely active in their church community. As a family of Star Wars aficionados they spend hours making lego models from scratch, creating worlds in Minecraft, and bike riding to the beach.